About Us

At 15, Joe O’Brien sold his games console, guitar, and clothes, bought his first camera and started shooting freerunning/parkour with his friends. This quickly developed from a passion into a career, filming some of the best Athletes in the world. Still entirely self-taught, Joe decided to branch out a little further from freerunning and created “Capta Media”.

Today, we’ve been lucky enough to work for clients like Audi, Red Bull, Tom Tom and DJI in locations around the world such as Melbourne, Dubai, Monaco, Innsbruck & Lisbon. Based in the United Kingdom and specialising in Action Sports media, we’re available for commercial work internationally.

What makes us special?

We have a deep understanding of movement that we implement into our camera work to get the most dynamic shots possible, derived from our combined 22 years of training Parkour and Freerunning. This enables us to be highly confident with our movements when chasing/climbing, to get that perfect shot.

We have always taken extreme pride in our work, seeing it as a reflection of our own skills and our passion for film.

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